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    The purpose of the Forums is to provide a platform for members of the Prison Eternity community to communicate, discuss and share experiences. Though it is important that rules are adhered to, in order to maintain a universal forum code followed by both members and staff alike.

    1. Post relevant threads in relevant sections. STOP. Before that thread is posted THINK. 'Is this where this should go?' It saves moderators time moving threads around the forum.
    2. Spamming in any form is not tolerated on the forum. Report threads to moderators which you believe are spam.
    3. Creating fake accounts is not tolerated. Each account is linked to a Minecraft player. If the said account is created by another player for 'malicious' reasons. The account will be terminated along with all other accounts.
    4. Advertising other servers. Common courtesy really... While we understand we are not the only server in existence, please keep advertising to third party platforms.
    5. If a question involves 'sensitive information'. Please message a moderator. Do not expose any information which you wish other users not to see.
    6. Derogative/Threating messages to Players/Staff alike will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

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