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Would you refer other players or friends for an ingame reward?

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  2. No

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    Jun 14, 2017
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    This server is great, the only problem is obiously the low amount of players at the minute. Instead of paying for advertisement or waiting for months to get a steady playerbase, why not get players to advertise for you?

    My proposal is a refer a friend system, it could work like this

    Create a new thread on this forum with a template for a "referral form" the person currently on the server will create the form which includes their own and the other persons username, (possibly some more info) once the persons friend has created an account on the forum they should comment on that post "done"

    When a moderator sees this, they should check that the player has logged on and when the new player has played for 2 hours and is in rank D, both players receive 500k.

    500k may seem a lot however you have to consider that atm its things like this that attract people, they want a head start before lots of players join.

    The only flaw I see with this is possibly multiple accounts, a relatively easy fix would be to have a forum mod/guard to watch the two players log in and play at the same time.

    Just a small idea

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